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Sinus Irrigations & Olfactory Training

Sinus Irrigations

Irrigating (rinsing) the nose and sinuses with salt water (saline) or medicated rinses can be very helpful to lessen or prevent nasal blockage and nasal drainage, decrease inflammation (swelling) and treat infection. There are many different types of irrigation devices, irrigation solutions and techniques. Click the link for additional information in English or Spanish.

Sinonasal Irrigations - Comprehensive (English)

Sinonasal Irrigations - Neti Pot Style (English)

Pirouette Technique Nasal Rinses (English)

Budesonide Irrigations (English)

Furosemide/Lasix Nasal Spray (English)

Manuka Honey Nasal Spray (English)

Manuka Honey Sinus Irrigations (English)

Mupirocin Irrigations (English)

Mupirocin Irrigations (EspaƱol)

Mupirocin Spray (English)

Olfactory Training

If you are experiencing problems with your sense of smell, Dr. Caballero may instruct you to do olfactory training. Click the link below for an explanation.

Olfactory Training (English)