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McMahan-Clemis Patients



If you have reached this page because you were searching for Dr. McMahan at the McMahan-Clemis Institute of Otolaryngology...


We sincerely regret to inform you that the office of Dr. McMahan will be closing permanently.


We sincerely regret to inform you that, the office of Dr. McMahan will be closing permanently. Even though he will no longer be practicing medicine in Chicago, Dr. McMahan's number one priority is to ensure that you continue to receive the care that you need. He has personally selected Dr. Nadia Caballero as the allergy and sinus specialist to whom you can transition your care.


Dr. Nadia Caballero of Advanced Sinus and Allergy Center in Park Ridge, Illinois, is a highly trained board-certified Otolaryngologist who sub-specializes in Rhinology, the surgical and medical management of diseases affecting the nose, sinuses, skull base and upper airway. She is one of only 13 other fellowship-trained Rhinologists in the state of Illinois.


If you are an allergy patient, Dr. Caballero will continue your immunotherapy protocol (allergy shots), with your current program where appropriate.


Important Note: Dr. Caballero does not treat conditions of the ear. If you are a hearing aid, or eat patient, Dr. Gordon Siegel and his team will help with the transition in providing you excellent care. Dr. Gordon Siegel can be reached at 312-988-7777. Please note Dr. Siegel can also treat sinus issues but does not offer allergy therapy. Dr. Laura Rogers, also located downtown is an allergist and will help to continue to provide allergy patients great care. Dr. Laura Roger can be reached at 312-867-7450.


Nylani from Dr. McMahan's office will be working with Dr. Caballero in providing patients a smooth transition through this change.


To learn more about Dr. Caballero click here to read her bio. To learn what other patients have said about her, click here to read reviews. Please call at your earliest convenience to schedule your next appointment. The phone number is 847-655-7442 and the address is 1030 West Higgins Suite 325 Park Ridge, Illinois. The office is conveniently located near the Cumberland exit off of the Kennedy Expressway (I90) and is directly across the street from the Cumberland Blue Line stop. Any Medical record request should be directed to 312-266-6673